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SyncWear™ Fitness Tee

Price: $33.99
Colors*: Black, Navy, Black w/navy trim, Red
Sizes*: S, M, L, XL, XXL (sizing chart here)
Fabric: Microfiber (100% stretch poly)
Availability: In stock
The Product  

Our first "iPod® shirt"–the PodWear™ ProActive tee, was born from a desire to have a high quality fitness shirt that was also able to carry a small MP3 player and provide easy cord management.

Our new SyncWear™ fitness shirts have the same great look and feel but features improved comfort with flat stitching and a redesigned dual-layer, 3-in-1 Trinity™ pocket. This new pocket has two inner pockets: one to hold your iPod® nano and one to hold your gym and car keys (so as not to scratch your iPod). The outer pocket is designed for your excess headphone wires or anything else you like!

*Go to our Online Store for specific availability in mens and womens colors and sizes.

Right-side Trinity™ 3-in-1 pocket with two reclosable tabs designed to hold an iPod® nano (or other flash-based MP3 player) or small MP3-cell phone and gym/car key(s) and headphone wires (see disclaimer)
Simple, innovative right-side loops to keep earbud wires close to your body
Excellent fitness shirt for workouts or most everyday activities
Lightweight, quick-drying, 100% polyester fabric
Fitted, athletic cut and styling
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